"Dear Nick, Thank you for this, and thank you for your help this morning. I must say that it was so nice to speak to someone who clearly wanted to provide a first-class service and to ensure that your products perform to a high standard. Thanks for taking the time and trouble, it was really appreciated.

I have set up the payment for the mole cable, which should be with you now.

With very best wishes, ST, Yorkshire"

Pellet store level monitoring with Sonavis

Watch the Mole Installation video below

Q: What makes pellet storage expensive?

A: When it doesn't work!

Pellet stores can fail to satisfy for a a variety of reasons; whether it is real-life capacity or damaged pellets the result is the same - unhappy customers!


Schellinger KG started in the renewable energy market in 1998 and now has several pellet manufacturing facilities from which they supply retail, commercial and domestic customers with high quality wood pellets; “Sun Pellets”.

Schellinger understand you are interested in high quality wood pellet storage and recovery solutions; our system has been developed in parallel with the most modern pellet heating systems available.

• More than 70% of all pellet boilers which were sold in Austria or Germany in the past five years are working with a vacuum system.
• More than 10,000 Schellinger Moles have been fitted all over Europe.

The Schellinger Pellet Mole has distinct advantages over conventional mechanical handling;
• maximise recoverable volume from available space
• better pellet delivery prices
• minimise damage to pellets
• overcome the issue of particle segregation in storage
• alleviate issues arising from pellets de-gassing